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Why making your own bread is so much more than just baking bread, it will save your finances!!

It's STILL January!!! It's STILL January!!! When will it ever end!

If you are trying to cut back or save or just tighten the purse strings, here is a simple thing I swear by, it sounds odd but trust me, during lean periods I always fall back on this, even years later!

In 2009 during the recession, I bought a breadmaker on ebay, I still have my trusty crusty friend. I grew to love making bread and not just making bread, making pizza dough, making pasta dough and making brioche! Even now, every time I shop I always put about 4 of bags of flour in the trolley! Why?

When I started baking bread I found that I went to the shops A LOT less and therefore spent A LOT less. Wait, I hear you say...from baking bread?

The truth is that it changed my grocery spending habits. Before I would just nip in for a loaf of bread (£1) and come out with a bag (£20). So when I looked back on the week and 'where did all the money go?' chats with myself, my mind was saying you only went in to spend £1 and didn't register that you actually spent £20. That crazy making ended!

So after a few failed attempts at baking bread, I finally got it!!! From then on if I needed to pop to the shop for a loaf, I didn't, I made it and anything else I put on a list and started to shop from a list ONLY!

But it didn't end there...

When I moved to France in 2012 I found that buying milk (for tea mainly) was so difficult, it was always buried deep in the supermarket, you can't buy it in small shops or petrol stations and I can not go without tea! So no 'just nipping out' and then by having to negotiate the whole supermarket, those impulse buys just got worse, don't even start me on the sushi counter next to the milk & bread isle (which are together!)

So I started buying UHT milk carton in packs of 6x1ltr which last ages and actually tastes no different really!

What it means is that I am never popping into the shop for a carton of milk and spending more on impulse buys that I really want. Combined with baking my own bread I realised I don't actually 'need' to go the supermarket more than once every 2 weeks or even once a month! Yes ONCE a month, with a list!

It sounds very extreme but it really isn't at all, and a fresh baked loaf can last for 3 days. So with 2 loaves a week, enough milk in the pantry if I feel the need to 'just nip in' I can now guilt trip myself to not, I'm saving for a trip to New York, I want that more than sushi!

I ♥ my Goodman breadmaker!

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