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Our blog, what we love about cooking and lots of other insider news. 

The season for artichokes is starting to fade and with that, the last harvest of homegrown artichokes produced 6.

Mayonnaise is a great cookery staple to learn, it's base of lots of great sauces.

These are such a French classic, and just a simple recipe you can knock up really quickly and it looks and tastes amazing! A real crowd pleaser...

750ml/1⅓ pint milk
1 vanilla pod, seeds only
6 free-range egg yolks
190g/7oz caster sugar

6 free-range egg whites

I hate waste in the kitchen and I love using things we all find around us everyday! In a face to face with spinach, nettles win! Check our recipe for nettle risotto over on the blog

I do love a mousse and with my recent return to eating chocolate (my migraines stopped me eating it for a few years but now I'm sporting my anti-migraine glasses, I'm good to go!!) I've been on the hunt for a really great mousse recipe. For me, a mousse means bubbles,...

February 7, 2017

Obviously you don't have to cook pancakes only on pancake day, we cook them all the time! Personally, I favour the French style crepes over the thicker American style, they should super thin and light, not greasy and great for sweet or savoury. In France pancake da...

I love tiramisu, it's one of the rare cream cheese desserts I like, as am not much of a fan of cheesecake, apart from lemon cheesecake.

August 16, 2016

The penultimate day!

Day 29.

This is a cold salad of roasted carrots.

For 6 people you will need:

1kg carrots

250g small shallot onions

3 large cloves of garlic halved

50ml olive oil

1 tablespoon cumin seeds

1 tablespoon ground cumin

50g butter

Salt & pepper

Handful fresh parsley,...

August 12, 2016

Recipe 24 of 30

It's blisteringly hot here in France and there's nothing better than a chilled dessert. As a child living on the cote d'azur, I loved nothing more than white peaches, different to yellow peaches, more fragant and sweet. I just love these peaches.

I poache...

Day 19!

30 recipes in 30 days and it's time for puddings!!

With a bumper crop of apricots my sister delivered, it's all about apricots!

It's not winter and so not wanting to do a full crumble, I've baked individual apricots and topped them with crumble.

So all you will nee...

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