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Our blog, what we love about cooking and lots of other insider news. 

Day 13 of 30 in my cookery challenge.

It's sunday night and all I ever want is something simple and light.

This would make a perfect starter. It's delicious and takes 10 minutes to prepare from fresh.

An easy dish to rustle up. You'll only need

A handful of scallops



Day 12 of 30 and nearing the half way mark!

Next week I have visitors and some of whom are vegetarian, so am trying some nice vegetarian recipes.

I love mushrooms and pastry!

These are great and you can bake them then freeze them.

So you will need:

Oblong shop bought puff p...

Day 11 of my 30 recipes in 30 days.

Harissa is a great spice paste to use for seafood! It adds a sweet spicy element to your dish.

It comes in this great packaging, love the retro look!!

So for the marinade, mix 1 tablespoon of harissa with a glug of olive oil.

Cover every...

Day 10 of 30...yippee double digits! 

There is something utterly comforting with satay sauce! It's depth of flavours, nutty, salty with an asian tang!

It's perfect partner is chicken, and I always pick chicken thigh, breast can be so dull and dry sometimes! For this I ma...

Day 9 of 30...

Time for something refreshing (it's super hot here in SW France) and healthy(ish)

I will admit that I have tried and failed at 'no churn' ice cream recipes, so shifting tactics, I've moved to the more stable frozen yoghurt. And having done this, I'm won ov...

It's day 8 of my 30 recipes in 30 days challenge.

Is that all!! I feel like I have been cooking for weeks...

I really wanted something a little spicy tonight, so out came the spices.

Raz el hanout is a great middle eastern spice mix. It works well with lamb and superbly w...

Day 7 of my 30 recipes in 30 days challenge.

Today it's been really hot here in SW France, off to a BBQ and as an accompaniment this is a great salad. But for those of you who prefer vegetarian meals, a great main course salad.

So it's really a more elaborate taboulet.


I grew up eating these French classics on the beaches near Nice in the south of France between Nice & Monaco. It's not an elegant sandwich, it's not an English cucumber one, it's messy, fragrant and no two bites are the same and sitting on the beach as a child I would...

Day 5 of my 30 recipes in 30 days!

Sometimes I'm cooking for 10 and sometimes for 1.

When I'm cooking pasta for just me, I like something quick and tasty, a sauce I can cook in the time it takes to cook the pasta!

So digging in my freezer, I have prawns and peas! Yummy!


So I'm on day 4 of my 30 recipes in 30 days challenge.

It's full on summer and everytime I go to the supermarket, they are piled high with watermelon....yummy

Here's a recipe which can keep your love for watermelon long into the summer. It makes a perfect easy dessert fo...

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